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Codeine & Sprite Purple Drank or Lean: Effects, Risks & Drug Test Detection

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This section will provide an introduction to Lean and delve into its origins. Dr. Ashish Bhatt, MD explains the influence that the internet and social media have on young adults, adolescents, and teens when it comes to substance use. The treatment for codeine addiction is similar to the treatment for most other addictions. Codeine is an opioid, and the opioid addiction crisis has reached epidemic levels in the United States. You can bring it up to your healthcare provider if you feel comfortable.

Can drinking lean kill me?

In the wake of his death, fellow rapper Shad Moss (formerly known as Bow Wow) opened up on Twitter about his own addiction to the drug, which is popular in the hip-hop community. Mixing alcohol with codeine, for example, can increase the risk of severe drowsiness, poor judgment, breathing problems, and life threatening overdose. As with other opioids, codeine can relieve pain and make a person feel more relaxed. Adding promethazine to the mix may increase feelings of sleepiness and relaxation.

Mental and Emotional Impact

Some high-profile cases of this include the deaths of rappers DJ Screw, Big Moe, Pimp C, and Fredo Santana. Others use over-the-counter (OTC) cough syrup containing dextromethorphan (DXM) instead. Since OTC cough syrups no longer contain alcohol, people usually add their own alcohol to the OTC version of lean.

Promethazine side effects

  1. Others use over-the-counter (OTC) cough syrup containing dextromethorphan (DXM) instead.
  2. While lean abuse began in the rap and hip-hop music scene, its use has since spread throughout the South and has risen in popularity with non-musicians.
  3. Opioids like Codeine, even in small amounts, can impair a person’s vision.
  4. Don’t postpone seeking the necessary help to overcome lean addiction.
  5. Lean, also known as purple drank, sizzurp, barre, and Texas tea, is a mixture of cough syrup, soda, hard candy, and sometimes alcohol.

Dr. Hoffman is the Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of AddictionHelp.com and ensures the website’s medical content and messaging quality. Many prominent music artists have discussed abusing lean in their songs and in interviews over the past few decades. Respiratory depressants can cause slow and shallow breathing, which can prevent enough oxygen from entering the lungs and cause carbon dioxide to build up in the bloodstream. Lean is named for the effect it has on those who drink it – they tend to lean to one side or slouch the more lean that they consume. By shedding light on the true meaning of Lean, we can educate individuals about its risks and encourage healthier choices. We may receive advertising fees if you follow links to promoted online therapy websites.

Seeing their favorite celebrities using the concoction and boasting about their experiences with the drug often encourages the behavior. When continued use of lean leads to addiction, professional addiction treatment can help. Addiction to drugs containing opioids can be challenging to salvia extent of use, effects, and risks address, but it’s not impossible. If you or a loved one is addicted to drinking lean, treatment centers and healthcare providers are ready to help you regain control over your drug abuse. Lean is a mix of codeine and antihistamine promethazine with soda, cough syrup, candy, or alcohol.

View our editorial content guidelines to learn how we create helpful content with integrity and compassion. Informed by her personal journey to recovery and support of loved ones in sobriety, Jessica’s empathetic and authentic approach resonates deeply with the Addiction Help community. By 2006, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) had focused on cough syrup abuse throughout the South.

Purple drank, also known as sizzurp, is a recreational drug concoction that consists of prescription-strength cough syrup containing codeine and promethazine mixed with soda, often flavored with purple syrup. This combination produces a sedative and euphoric effect when consumed in high doses. Purple lean, otherwise known as purple drank, is a recreational drug that has gained popularity in recent years, especially among younger adults. Purple lean combines two drugs – codeine and promethazine – with soda and candy to create a sweet-tasting and brightly colored drink that can be dangerous. The primary drug in lean is codeine, a prescription opioid-based painkiller that is highly addictive and potentially life-threatening if misused. In the United States, codeine is classified as a Schedule II controlled substance.

With that said, just because something is popularized in the media doesn’t mean it is safe. When this happens they will have to take a higher dose of opioids to feel the same effects. If a person continues abusing opioids, he or she will become physically dependent on them.

In addition to these side effects, people who build up a tolerance to lean can experience withdrawal symptoms. Short term-effects of consuming lean include constipation, dizziness, nausea, and changes in blood pressure. Long-term effects of lean include tooth decay, liver damage, brain lesions, and psychosis.

The drug rose in popularity again in the late 90s and early 2000s, thanks to artists like DJ Screw and Big Moe. Swedish rapper Yung Lean was hospitalized in April 2015 due to an overdose stemming from an addiction to Xanax, cocaine, and lean. DJ Screw protégé, Big Moe, produced the albums “City of Syrup” and “Purple World” based on the drink.

By the 80s and 90s, lean’s formula changed to codeine-promethazine cough syrup, soda, and hard candy. Rapper Future was one of the main proponents of drinking lean, recording a song called Codeine Crazy to illustrate how long does acid last the effects of lean. He claimed that he started using the drink called lean after listening to Future’s music. Future has now stopped drinking lean, despite concealing his abstinence from fans for some time.

It is strongly advised to seek professional help if you or someone you know is struggling with Lean addiction. By reaching out to resources and treatment facilities, individuals alcohol withdrawal syndrome can find the support they need to overcome addiction and lead a healthier life. Yes, almost every component of lean can lead to tolerance, dependence, and addiction-forming.

Its public birth took place in the music scene, with musicians including Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, and the hip-hop group Three 6 Mafia reportedly using or singing about the drug. However, lean can be deadly in high doses, and chronic use may lead to codeine addiction. Unlike dependence, which involves your body simply getting used to a substance, addiction results in cravings and a complete loss of control over use. On their own, codeine and alcohol can also cause liver damage when you ingest more than the recommended dosage. High amounts of acetaminophen and other drugs can prevent your liver from properly metabolizing chemicals, leading to excessive amounts in your liver.