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Zero fees on the trade is the USP of the platform. Reviews like “LexaTrade cheating” or “LexaTrade scammer” are nothing short of slander that only benefit the competitor. Even legitimate clients cannot benefit from false claims as it gives them a distorted view of a broker’s reputation. There is also a certain affiliate program on the site, which helps customers to bring new users, promising them a bonus in return. Now we will give reviews that can be found upon organic search of LexaTrade reviews. Here, comments are quoted directly without analysis.


XCritical, on the other hand, is a web-based trading platform that offers traders the convenience of accessing the markets without the need to install any additional software. As a webtrader, xCritical can be accessed through a web browser on desktop computers and mobile devices. LexaTrade provides its clients with a wide range of trading markets, allowing them to access various financial instruments and assets.

  1. It offers multiple account types with varying minimum deposit requirements, all supporting the use of expert advisors.
  2. And besides, if you really want to do advanced technical analysis, LexaTrade offers Meta Trader 4 so you can have the best of both worlds.
  3. Traders can also easily track the movement of market prices and get timely feeds of current forex forecasts through the functionality of XCritical mobile apps.
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LexaTrade: Getting Into the Meat of an Honest Broker

Kingsley Cole, A young and brilliant guy, called me and gave me the details via skype video call, email and normal call, I adhere to what he told me and I am experiencing it in a positive way. I still have a personal relationship with Kingsley Cole. And without the broker specifying the times, who knows how long it might take for you to get your money.

LexaTrade: Broker Social Media Reviews

Investing in indices such as NAS100, EUR50, JPN225, and USA30 provides several advantages to traders who are interested in index trading. Lexatrade is one the worst company with full of pathetic employees. Its fraude company consists of lots of incompetent employees in India who always make you invest with a false commitment and later they denied to keep their promises. They never give you money back by making you fool showing some policies.All contact numbers in their web sites are incorrect so that whenever you want to contact them they will not be available. Even i have raised my concerns in their portals but no actions were taken. I trade with some crypto platform not knowing they where sc!

Thoughts on “Trading with LexaTrade: Accounts, Bonuses, Honest Reviews”

Of course, we cannot vouch for the accuracy of the signals but it’s a nice addition. All early signs show that LexaTrade is not a scam but keep in mind lexatrade review this is a very new CFD broker. This is not the case with LexaTrade and thus far we consider this CFD broker a reliable partner for your trading needs.

Along with the list of tradable stocks, LexaTrade also posts stocks’ previous revenue, forecasted price, and timeframe on when to trade it. This way, all traders can prepare their positions ahead of time. The website is translated in 6 languages, the platform is relatively easy to use and offers all the features needed by an average trader. A mobile platform is available but Demo accounts are not; US traders are not accepted. Overall this is a promising broker but a few tweaks here and there would make it a better one.

There is no mention of an inactivity fee but we cannot guarantee that you won’t be charged one. All we could find is that withdrawal processing takes up to 24 business hours and that a representative will contact the client in order to complete the processing of the withdrawal. Also keep in mind that the company is regulated (IFMRRC), which is not the fiercest of financial watchdogs, but any type of regulation is better than no regulation at all. That being said, caution should be used anytime money is involved, with all brokers, old or new. At first, I liked that the broker has a wide choice of accounts and has educational material. But then I lost more than $2000 during two months.

On top of these account types, a Demo Account is a good way for novice traders to test the trading environment and platforms of LexaTrade. LexaTrade BackgroundLexaTrade started its operation by just managing cash transactions in real-time trading using PAMM accounts. LexaTrade ReviewProper regulations usually ensure that forex brokers are sufficiently capitalized in the event of insolvency or trading losses. It also guarantees the broker’s commitment to maintaining satisfactory dealing practices and keeping your money in secure and segregated accounts. The review above is an example of a false claim because it links the broker to a common circumstance in trading and does not fall under the broker’s control.

Reviews are updated regularly to ensure that every trader has the most up-to-date information before making a choice. As a forex trading platform, LexaTrade is legal in India. However, it is an offshore broker restricted to operating in the US and Europe.

The terminal works well; the connection is stable. Everyone should understand how to distinguish a good broker from those that are often considered scammers and why forex is a scam. We present your user reviews according to the rating of a broker. However, LexaTrade reviews found online do not always lean toward negative. There are also broker review sites that speak well about the broker. Most of these positive reviews describe bonuses and promos.

Don’t worry about it, because you can’t make a big profit in Forex trading without investment. Unfortunately, LexaTrade forex broker does not offer a demo account, where beginners can make their first steps in trading, and professional traders improve strategies. It is not a major shortcoming, but it may, to some extent, discourage some users. Aside from Web platform, LexaTrade also offers another powerful XCritical trading platform. The XCritical mobile app has an intuitive and simple interface that easily helps traders navigate the platform.

The broker set up strict payment procedures for the safety of the trader’s funds and to prevent financial theft. The broker even partners with reliable and trusted international banking institutions while steering their corporate funds. One Mr. Rayan Mathew in kerala always pushed me to deposit more fund. The people at lexa trade are very polite they talk very friendly they help in generating profit also but they don’t corporate in withdrawl. Everybody says that it is very easy to withdraw but when you go for withdrawal nothing is reimbursed. Lexatrade has gotten all my hard earn money stucked and refused to allow me make a withdrawal of my assets, I met a review on how csp_jaun (at) proton.

The representatives are adept at problem-solving, so the overall communication flow is great. However, better options are present online, and it’s easy for most traders to switch. The default proprietary platform is good enough, with an intuitive interface and a solid set of analytical features. As such, we can’t hold the deposit requirement for MT4 against the broker too much. But as we said, we don’t like paywalls for core features as a practice, although you may not mind them at all.

In comments on one forum, I read the information that «LexaTrade courses scam,» fraud, etc. Then he learned from a friend working with this company that all this is complete nonsense. As a result, I opened an account https://traderoom.info/ there, on which I have been trading for six months. The platform works stably, occurs smoothly and quickly. If, in general terms, the company works honestly, I would not say that there are some illegal actions.

It lowers risk diversification as well by investing in the basket of different stocks of various companies and sectors. LexaTrade offers several trading instruments to choose from, with high leverage and low spreads for high liquidity and profits. Deposits are processed immediately, ensuring that you have access to your funds whenever you need them for trading. However, withdrawals may take a bit longer, usually about 3-5 business days to process.