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The Ultimate Guide to Making Succesful Fantasy Basketball Trades

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With a Yahoo Fantasy Plus subscription, you’ll automatically qualify for Yahoo Plus perks including premium tech support and deep discounts. Evaluate trade performance using z-scores and your specific punts. Williams has only logged 300 minutes with the Hornets thus far, but 75% of those minutes have come at the center position.

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This is called the anchoring effect – your first trade offer sets the tone of the entire negotiations and future proposed offers. If you send them something they’re quick to reject, they’re more likely to reject trade offers in the future quickly. Send them something interesting, and they’re more likely to find future trade offers interesting too.

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Prior to his aforementioned eruption, Thompson had averaged 14.6 points, 3.8 rebounds, 1.8 assists and 1.0 steals across eight contests. That stretch featured multiple games with 20-plus points and multiple games with single-digit points. I expect volatility to continue, but leveling out near those thresholds is still plausible. Welcome to a buy-heavy and deep-cut edition of the Trade Analyzer — the last of the season.

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Coach Steve Clifford loves having his physicality in the frontcourt and will utilize his versatility. Nick Richards (foot) is banged up and Mark Williams (back) is likely done for the year, so there are minutes available. Trade Analyzer Pro estimate a projected end of season fantasy football trade analyzer standings and highlights the changes in the table after the trade. Although it can be advantageous to “trick” your league-mates into taking a lopsided deal in your favor, it’s usually tough to pull off and can lead the other league members to avoid trading with you.

Trea Turner (hamstring) runs at high intensity Saturday

Compare projections and stats, read the latest fantasy basketball news, and see upcoming schedules. The Trade Analyzer tool breaks the trade down further by including the fantasy points projection of each side of the deal and grades each side of the deal. These fantasy point expectations come from projected scoring and defense stats.

Beyond our fantasy baseball content, be sure to check out our award-winning slate of Fantasy Baseball Tools as you prepare for your draft this season. Simons posted 4-for-21 shooting alongside zero assists Sunday, joining Zach LaVine (foot) as the only guards in the league this season to post a game with more than 20 shots and zero dimes. Simons’ lack of facilitation can partially be attributed to his teammates’ abysmal shotmaking, as Portland posted its second-lowest scoring output of the season. Talking directly to people (through phone, text, fantasy message, etc.) will lead to more productive negotiations than just sending offers. The only thing that matters come playoffs is whether or not your team is more likely to win post-trade than pre-trade, not the numerical rankings of your players. It is perfectly okay to make a 1-for-1 trade for a player that is 20 ranks lower than the player you’re giving up.

  1. On a base level, trading seems simple – try to swap players to improve your team.
  2. With Team Sync, this is customized automatically based on the league information and the platform you play on.
  3. Depending on your league’s scoring format, assists might not be as valuable as raw points.
  4. Further breakdowns of the projections include the projection of points, rebounds, assists, steals, turnovers, 3-pointers and more.
  5. The Spurs getting back to their roots and letting Johnson out of the doghouse down the stretch seems like an obvious decision.

To stay up to date on all of the latest fantasy baseball news, be sure to follow @FantasyProsMLB on Twitter and bookmark the FantasyPros MLB Player News page. Our team of news desk correspondents works around the clock to find and break down all of the happenings in the world of baseball, and they provide instant context and analysis for fantasy managers. Here are the latest fantasy baseball injury updates for Braves OF Ronald Acuna, Rays SP Jeffrey Springs, and Phillies SS Trea Turner. This is not a panic sell on Brown, but converting him into a different fringe star is desirable. Across 20 contests since the beginning of January, Brown is hitting just 30.9% of 4.8 3s per game. His overall efficiency has been solid, yielding 20.5 points and 15.9 shots per game on 49.8% shooting.

The Clippers’ depth complicates his outlook, but it’s a lock that Paul George and Kawhi Leonard will have rest days. Once Powell finds his rhythm, his shareholders will benefit from those boosts. Powell’s first three games have been ugly, resulting in a combined 21 points (7-27 FG, 1-7 3PT, 6-9 FT), nine turnovers and unimpactful peripheral stats. This tool is great for league commissoners or individual players in the league. Colorado hitters typically struggle on the road and could be even worse than usual when they face three talented Los Angeles right-handers.

Hudson will soon be supplanted from the closer’s role by Evan Phillips, who may return from the IL tomorrow. But the veteran might squeeze out one more save over the weekend, as Los Angeles could sweep the lowly Rockies and may not be willing to use Phillips right away on back-to-back days. As an aside, the roster rate on Schneider is far too low for someone who is occupying the leadoff spot and owns a lifetime .903 OPS. Johnson’s two ensuing years of guaranteed salary means that San Antonio is incentivized to get him back on track.

Only when you feel comfortable that you’ve spent time and done your due diligence should you pull the trigger. No one likes to be on the butt end of a win-lose scenario, and experienced managers will be on the lookout for this. Trying to create win-lose scenarios ice out the negotiations and prevents trades from happening altogether – which means your team doesn’t improve. For example, my best offer might be Rudy Gobert and Gordon Hayward for Zach LaVine and a filler player, but I might start the negotiations with Zion Williamson and Michael Porter Jr instead. Once trade negotiations open up, every piece I add to the offer makes it harder for the opposing manager to resist, making the trade more likely to happen. While sending a trade that the other manager accepts quickly is mostly good, minimal negotiations can mean that there was wiggle room that you lost out on.

Share this trade offer using the below link to help convince your opponent that it’s a good offer. Player ratings, aka FSP, are constantly updated and https://www.trading-market.org/ factors in past, future, and expected performance across dozens of categories. Check out the full trade value charts for a complete ranking list.

Ads help us pay RotobBaller’s award-winning writers as much as possible they are vital to the site’s operations and team. Further breakdowns of the projections include the projection of points, rebounds, assists, steals, turnovers, 3-pointers and more. Instantly see what you will gain or lose in each category in your league.

Swap players with the best projections into your lineup with one click. Zubac is coming off two quiet performances following a two-game absence due to illness. He has compiled just eight points and 13 rebounds across 43 minutes in games since returning to action. In the past, he has profiled as a rotational center for the Clippers. But he has diversified his game and improved defensively to the point where he could be more of an anchor as the team prepares for the stretch run.

That combination has fueled gaudy numbers — potentially gaudy enough to entice others. Lopez will never be the center of a trade, but now is a suitable window to gauge interest. Poaching Sexton from an impatient fantasy manager would be a coup for the acquirer of Young Bull. Sexton has been quiet since his 20-point debut with Utah, shooting just 34.8 percent in 17.7 minutes per contest over his last three games. But I’m bullish on Paul to capitalize on good matchups throughout the season.

Though low balling will have a negative effect overall, working out a perfect offer isn’t always the best move either. I’ve played fantasy basketball for about a decade now, both in private, public, free and paid leagues. I’ve used several sources, from free rankings to paid insider information, and from podcasts to personal contact with experts. Owned players will be added to your lineup, where average stats are calculated. This will let you see which categories are strong and which need improvement or should be punted. Sabonis is 26 years old, surrounded by shooting and slated to play more center than ever.